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Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Information

This is a brief overview of the law concerning  Professional Counselor licensure . It is your responsibility to read the Laws and Rules for a full understanding of the requirements for  Professional Counselor licensure. 

Ohio’s Education Requirements for Counselor Licensure: 


Master’s degree from a clinical mental health counseling program, clinical rehabilitation counseling program, or addiction counseling program accredited by the council for accreditation of counseling and related educational programs “CACREP.” A master’s degree from a CACREP-accredited mental health counseling program meets the education requirements if it is conferred on or before January 1, 2018. 


All Applicants, please note that any courses with a grade of less than a B- will have to be repeated in order to meet the course requirements for LPC & LPCC licensure. 


NCE Examination


If you attend a CACREP accredited school and are enrolled in your final term,  submit a letter from school stating you will graduate this term with this request to take the PC licensure examination. Non pre-approved programs submit transcript showing conferred degree with this form. Please remember to send school letter or transcript if you email the information below to rena.elliott@cswb.ohio.gov. Please be prepared to take the exam when a letter of eligibility is requested, as the letter is valid for only six months. Applicants who pay for and register for the exam may forfeit fees if they do not take the exam by the expiration date of the letter of eligibility.     

Failure to Meet Examination Requirements

If the Counselor Professional Standards Committee determines that your degree or license from another state does not meet the requirements of Rule 4757-13-01 or 4757-13-06, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Documents required to complete your PC licensure file:

1.) Internship Supervisor Evaluation Rating Form (Non-CACREP program graduates only)

2.) NCE Test Results – please fax your exam results to 614-728-7790 (for Board approved examinees). Allow 4-6 weeks to schedule exam.

3.) Official Transcript, showing your graduate degree in counseling, conferred & mailed directly from your school.

4.) BCI & FBI Criminal Records Check  (Watch the Video)

5.) PC licensure application, notarized, with fee.

6.) Complete the board’s online Laws and Rules Exam

Contact the Counselor Licensure Coordinator