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The State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board requires 30 hours of continuing education for counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists every two years for renewal of their license. Click on the following link if you are looking for a CE program or provider listing. Continuing Education Program & Provider listings

Please read the instructions carefully before you apply for program or provider status to offer Board Approved continuing professional education. The goals of the Board's continuing education requirements are to assist licensees; in maintaining and expanding professional competence and expertise, in becoming aware of new professional issues and developments, and in providing responsible, quality and competent service to clients and community. Continuing education to promote personal growth of the licensee will not be accepted.

  • Rules 4757-9-01/02/03 delineate the CE subject areas for each practice:
  • For MFTS & IMFTs: research, professional ethics, marriage and family studies, marriage and family therapy, human development, appraisal of individuals and families, systems theory, and supervision.
  • For PCs & PCCs: human growth and development; counseling theory: counseling techniques; group dynamics, processing, and counseling; appraisal of individuals; research and evaluation; professional, legal and ethical responsibilities; social and cultural foundations; lifestyles and career development; clinical psychopathlogy, personality and abnormal behavior; evaluation of mental and emotional status; diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders; methods of intervention and prevention of mental and emotional disorders; treatment of mental and emotional disorders; supervision, and administration.
  • For SWAs, LSWs & LISWs: social work theory; social work methods; human development and behavior; social welfare and policy; social work values and ethics; social work research; social work supervision; social work administration; and social work with special populations.
  • Program applications should be used to have individual programs approved. Once approved the program may be repeated for a year as long as the content, time frame and presenter remain the same.

  • Provider applications should be used by organizations, which offer many different programs over the course of a year. Once approved as a provider the Board does not have to review each individual program offered by the organization.

  • In order to be approved for provider status three complete program applications along with program goals and objectives for the next twelve months must be submitted with the provider application.

  • The program(s) offered need to be relevant to the content areas listed on the program application and the CE subject areas listed above. The program sponsor is responsible to clearly demonstrate how the program meets that requirement.

  • If applying for provider status a licensed professional must be included in the planning process for all programs, include a copy of his/her resume. (i.e. if a program is to be offered for social workers a social worker must be a part of the process). If a program is offered for multiple licensed professions include a professional for each as part of the process.

  • Programs must be relevant to the profession for which they are offered. Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Counselors must all have 3 hours of continuing education in Ethics. A program offered for Marriage and Family Therapists professional ethics may or may not meet the requirements for Counselor professional ethics, and vice versa. Please be clear how your program meets the requirements for each profession.

  • Program(s) must be submitted in a timely manner. The Board will not review programs that have already been held. If a program is submitted less than 60 days prior to being held it will be reviewed but the sponsor(s) are not guaranteed to receive the approval/denial prior to the program date.

The Adobe Reader is required to view these forms. Versions for Windows, DOS, Macintosh or Unix are available FREE.

Forms for all groups: